Top 10 Best Acoustic Songs List – Countdown Style

10.Get Up Kids – Out of Reach
For its emo line – “I’ve got pictures to prove I was there!”
9. Arcade Fire – Intervention
For the organ and the originality. Super cool song.
8. Joshua Radin – Paperweight
What can I say? – harmonies are the 8th wonder of the world to me.
7. Eliot Morris – No One Has To Know
I want to sing this with my wife every single night.
6. Poison – Every Rose Has Its Thorn
Its classic, it tells a story, and they are an 80′s hair band!
5. Damien Rice – Elephant
For the power of the last chorus in the song. Go listen to it.
4. Jason Mraz – Lucky
Because everyone in love should feel this way. And play this at their wedding.
3. The Beatles – Yesterday
Somehow they’ve captured love and regret all in the same song.
2. Ben Folds – Luckiest
Because this world is a better place because of songs like this.
1. Missy Higgins – The Special Two
She’s Australian, and I saw her live and fell in love.

Chances are you’ve heard way too much of a couple of those, and haven’t eve heard of some of the others. I encourage all to check them out. As always feel free to suggest new songs for the sight, or submit your own songs. We’ve had a lot of requests for new songs, and we’re happy to post your music and help you reach a targeted, interested audience.

Thanks for your love of music!

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